Delco Forest Products

Producing Quality Lumber Since 1984.

Delco Forest Product is a SPF Sawmill based in West Branch, New Brunswick. We are a family run business that is committed to sustainable harvesting of forestry products, providing responsible stewardship of its woodlands and being a premier supplier of lumber products for domestic and non-domestic clients.

Our Story

Full value out of every log

Our continual improvements, strategies, and investments allow us to recover all saw-able materials and by-product from every log. From the bark, sawdust and shaving, everything has its purpose.


Key Offerings

Optimal quality, no prior Select Guaranteed 25% + Premium in every unit at a competitive price when you need it most, anywhere in North America.

By Product

  • Raw and processed bark
  • Sawdust
  • Kiln dry Shaving

Our Mission

No prior selects since 1984.

Delco Forest Products goal is to be the preferred lumber distributor for our customers by providing exceptional product quality. Our Management and employees demonstrate that quality is not just a goal at Delco but a ‘’way of life’’, always coming first by continuously improving in both our products and processes.


Focus on what we do best

At Delco Forest Products, we are committed to uphold the very commitment President Delphis Cormier has founded the company with, in 1984, customer satisfaction and quality.

"Without quality, we have no customers. Without customers, we have no mill."

– President Delphis Cormier

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