About us

Delco Forest Products produces high quality lumber

About us

Delco Forest Products produces high quality lumber

Our History

We produce high quality lumber

Delphis Cormier had a vision when he purchased a sawmill in West Branch in 1984.

What began as a small scale sawmill, with 15 seasonal jobs, has grown a lot over the years. The company, Delco Forest Products, went through many expansions, including a very large one in 1999 that introduced a new processing line. As a manufacturer, Delco produces high quality lumber for customers in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Québec, Ontario, and the United States.

Delco Forest Products is a family run business that is committed to sustainable harvesting of forestry products, providing responsible stewardship of its woodlands and being a premier supplier of lumber products for domestic and non-domestic clients.

The company now employs over 120 people. Delco primarily produces stud wood lumber for use in construction. We comply with all environmental and safety regulations.
We are proudly involved in our community at different levels, charity, sports and social events.

Delco Forest Products Ltd

Meet our team

Delco Forest Products employs over 120 people and services customers from New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Québec, Ontario, and the United States.

Delco Forest Products Ltd

Our Values


It is important for us to produce quality products.


Safety first is our priority for our employees.

Continuous Improvement

We are continuously evolving our business process to produce a quality product at the best cost

Work with us

Career Opportunities

Delco is a local family owned business, operated by local people. We offer competitive wages, comprehensive benefits packages, and opportunity to grow within the company.

Contact us at info@delcoforest.ca for more information about joining our team.

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Delco Forest Products installs the first Mühlböck Continuous Dry Kiln In North America

Read the full story as featured in Canadian Forest Industries here or read more below:
Delco is now under a multi-year $9-million modernization investment that includes the installation of a Mühlböck Continuous Dry Kiln, becoming first sawmill in North America to install this kind of unit. It will increase the drying capacity from 50 million to 100 million board feet per year and support 10 full time positions year round at the Planer mill.

In an article by the Canadian Forest Industries, it is stated that management believes that this is the future of lumber drying « Everyone is interested in the technology but nobody wanted to take that initial step. We decided to choose it because we wanted to secure the best for our future,”

Delco management went to Austria and Latvia last August where they were able to see the kiln technology operating in the mills. They were impressed by the consistency of the drying quality of the Mühlböck kiln. “We were looking for quality of lumber. Mühlböck is known for their lower standard deviation in moisture content. The quality of wood coming out of the kilns in Latvia, which is as close as we could compare to our conditions, was remarkable.”

Delco is looking ahead to the next 20 years instead of 5 years and it motivated the company to be the first sawmill in North America to install the Austrian-built unidirectional progressive continuous kiln, which features a 1003 heat recovery system taking into account the environmental impact and the long term cost savings. The system reduces energy consumption by 50 per cent by recuperating waste heat and re-introducing it via a pre-drying chamber.

The installation of the 336-foot continuous kiln is currently underway and should be operational in the Fall of 2019. Quality drying will lead to better results at the planer and better quality lumber also means more options for Delco to look to the future and introduce new products to the market.

The installation of an Optimized Edger Line has also benefited the company with a 20% increase in production with no jobs lost in the optimization process.

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